Hola! My name is Brittanea and I am the owner/creator at Wasted Yarns. 

Wasted Yarns was created to fill a gap in the yarny community for affordable, allergen free, synthetic, hand-dyed yarn. Being a Chemist in my past life, I took on the challenge to hand-dye synthetic yarns and fill a void in the hand-dyed market that would compliment my fellow talented makers in the community. 

Wasted Yarns calls Bourbon country home in Louisville, KY. My Colorado roots still have a great influence on the colorways that are produced in the studio. Wasted Yarns is unique beyond synthetic yarns because each colorway is based off of a cocktail, mocktail, or garnish. As a fun little treat every colorway includes a recipe to go with it!

Wasted Yarns donates 7% of all sales, every quarter, to two highly respected mental health foundations; The Jed Foundation and the Brain and Behavior Research foundation. 

This is a very personal topic for me and one that I've rarely discuss openly.

For 10 years I fought acceptance to having GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). For a decade I suffered silently with heart palpitations, ocular migraines, panic that I was going to die any minute, fear that I was making everything up in my head. It affected my work, my school, and my relationships all because I was scared that people would think I'm weak or inferior for feeling this way.

Multiple counselors, anti-anxiety pills, essential oils, breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, valyerian root tea, lavender, etc anything to help and make it so I didn't have to take medication or accept that I needed support. Finally, a year ago I decided enough was enough and asked for help. Diagnosis was severe anxiety, which I now take serotonin inhibitors for. I was so embarrassed to admit that to anyone or acknowledge I needed help. However, it's for my own health and well being. Because of that I'm able to confidently pursue my dreams, and kick booty!💪🏼

Personally, I never want someone else to feel that way. To feel judgement for accepting help or needing it. Internal struggles are some of the hardest hurdles to cope with; it takes a lot of courage to ask for help and accept it. These donations may not change the world 🌎, but they will help someone. That is enough...

Always supporting, learning, connecting, and growing with the community. If you have an interest in doing a collaboration project with Wasted Yarns please don't hesitate to connect!

Thank you for your continued support!